Friday, May 27, 2011

Makan-Makan di Ipoh!

I spent another long weekend two weeks ago with the boyfriend. Same thing again, no! The only difference was, we made a daytrip down to Ipoh. I was craving for the Ipoh food for quite some time already and finally I could have them!
It took us an hour and a half and with the help of Mr G, we reached Lou Wong Tauge Ayam Restaurant for brunch. I do not remember having been there on my last and only visit back in year two oh oh seven but since this place was recommended by a few people, I went there. There was another similar restaurant which is diagonally opposite of this restaurant, Onn Kee Tauge Ayam Restaurant.
After a short visit at St Michael Institution, we headed towards Nam Heong Kopitiam for a glass of Ipoh white coffee and hopefully to get egg tarts too. Unfortunately, egg tarts were sold out, dang! Thus coffee is the bomb. The boyfriend is usually very caring and thoughtful but this coffee made him otherwise. He finished the drink when I only had one sip.
I was craving for toasts for we went to the opposite kopitiam, Sin Yoon Foong, for another round of Ipoh white coffee and toasts. This time, the coffee did not taste as good as the one in Nam Heong so I was the one who did most of the drinking. Yee Yen then came to meet us at the coffee shop before we left with her car to get some ‘heong peng’ and then to her house.
Oh! Before she brought us back to her place, we went to get salted chicken at Aun Kheng Lim as dinner when we are back in Penang. However, plan changed. Yee Yen’s parents asked us along to join them for dinner before we headed back to Penang. When we got home, the chicken was already cold and we saved most of it for lunch the next day.
Definitely this was not a fruitful journey as there are more food that we had not tasted. However, I really had fun during the journey especially having a perfect travel buddy with me. And guess what? We may be in Ipoh again next weekend!


ken said...

i think taugeh chicken in ipoh is overrated.. dont see anything special to it.. hehe..

but if you're at nam heong, u gotta try the hakka mee! that's my fav! :D

Fumoffu said...

I don't like taugeh but I just want to eat taugeh chicken and at least people said I had been to Ipoh already lol and oh man, I didn't know about that Hakka mee! Maybe you should consult me on where to eat 'cos I am going there again next weekend! :D

Or you have a blog post on it? :D