Saturday, April 30, 2011

Makan-Makan di Melaka: Day 3

It was our very last day in Malacca and we were hoping to make the best out of it. We had Taiwan Beef Noodle at this Taiwan Mee Shop along Jalan Gajah Berang. We had a few dishes that morning: pork leg, beef noodles as well as pork noodles. They are must-try dishes.




Next, we headed to Jeta Groves Melaka Nyonya Delights for its famous Durian Chendol and trust me, this is so much better than the one you found on Jonker Street.


We ordered Mee Siam too, just for a try of it but, it was too spicy for me. I believe most of you could take up spicy food so, this dish will be a piece of cake for you. Still, the focus is definitely the durian chendol. It follows durian season though so, if you want to have it, you better head to Malacca fast before durians are out!


Of course you should not forget about bringing back something from Malacca home: pineapple tarts. My favourite and specially from Madam Goh. I had eaten those non-Madam-Goh pineapple tarts and seriously, they cannot be matched. It seems you had to place an order one day in advance to get a bigger container of pineapple tarts. Else, you could only get a smaller one which is definitely not enough.


Now that marked the end of my Malacca re-visit, what’s next? Ipoh!

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