Saturday, April 2, 2011

Chi Wei’s Farewell@Souled Out Café Bar

I left my blog untouched for almost a week now. What does this supposed to mean?

It means I need to get some life!

And I did, which happened just last night.

However, it was not our usual get-together-having-fun-criticising-people-and-gossiping outing. Cw had accepted his new job offer in Singapore and will be leaving tonight. He has probably boarded his flight now.

Therefore, we all came together to have a dinner with him and, for the very first time for this group, we were chillaxing at a bar for after-dinner! The guys were having beers. Girls? Margarita and mocktails. I am one of the girls who took a glass of mocktail. Surprised?


The highlight for the night is the bombs: Jagerbomb! My very first alcohol since the last ones I had 2 months ago. It was really good and I was relieved that I could turn in when I got home even after consuming Red Bull. I had to work the next day which sucks a lot.

Like Bu said to me before, our circle is shrinking, never expanded. Similarly, like Cw told me over Gtalk, our number in Malaysia is dwindling. Let us all hope our bond will surpass all geographical boundaries.

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