Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Getaway@Penang Island

Compared to last year, I did something different for this year’s Christmas. Instead of drinking and partying, I went for a serious food hunt in one of Malaysia’s food haven, Penang.


The last time I came to this island was one year ago. There was not much eating back then. It was more of getting together and enjoying each other’s company.


As a host, my friend was an expert! He brought us to different places to taste different food and specialties. I do not remember what I had been eating during my stay but I know the food are definitely satisfying.


Besides food hunting, I used the opportunity to meet my friends in Penang. It was great to see them again and also, to finally meet one. Trust me, this ain’t the last time I am ever going to Penang. I will be going back there, wanting more.

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