Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Be-very-lated Birthday

I wanted to wait till I get the pictures from my brother and only make a blog post for this. However, no luck of getting and therefore, had to ‘Save image as..’ from the Facebook.

These wonderful people were not able to join my friends and I at Shabu-Shabu Restaurant and therefore, had already made a plan to make it up for me after I came back from my business trip in Indonesia.


The night was amazing due to amazing home cooked food. I love home cooked dishes. They put a lot of effort and sincerity in this and I really love them more. And oh, we all came from the same hometown and we are all Foochow but, not the girl in the pink tank top though.


They knew I love ice-cream and bought and ice-cream cake for me too. To be honest, that was the one and only cake I had for my birthday.


However, I had a difficulty to cut it as it was frozen. We did not manage to defrost it beforehand. Still, that night was really homely and loving – it really does feel like home, referring to the food. Would definitely like to have such gathering more.

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