Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sunday Morning@Zoo Negara

It was a rare Sunday morning when my brother called and told me that he would be bringing our cousins to the zoo. Fortunately, I joined them else, I would have missed the fun.


My cousins came over with their parents during that weekend. Though I did not get to catch up with their parents, it was indeed fun to be with them. Since we all stayed together under the same roof, I watched them growing up and trust me, you would always be surprised as to how fast the children could grow nowadays.


The children chose to go to the zoo due to never saw elephants and giraffes before. I feel them, a lot. I was twenty when I first saw elephants and giraffes right in front of my eyes, here. And that time was the first and also, the last to watch such an epic elephant show, here.


Though we only spent a few hours together on that day, it was great to see them. And of course I would be seeing them back home during Chinese New Year.

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