Thursday, December 2, 2010

Service Review: D’Chat

I ain’t sure if most DiGi users are aware of D’Chat. They probably do. In my case, I do but never been bothered to use it before. However, out of curiosity and at the same time, I need their assistance, I tried out D’Chat like finally.


After you login to OCS, on the left panel, when you clicked on D’Chat, an image like above appears on your screen. It is best to use Firefox though. Choose the category of your concern and begin chat. To be fair, I was not expecting anything much from it but, I was wrong.


Honestly, I was impressed. Really.

I thought it is just one of those loudtalkbullshitcrappy features or services some companies provide to their customers. However, this really blew my mind off! There was someone chatting and handling your issue! They replied you fast and would not ignore you. You are the one who get to choose to end the conversation. Probably it was just my luck or maybe, DiGi does have an excellent customer service.

D’Chat probably is an efficient method to send the right information between two parties. Lovin’ DiGi more now.

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