Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Friday Night@Zouk

The party queen is back?


Thanks to a friend’s invitation that I hit Zouk for the very first time and due to the company that I had for the night, it was fun; there was an event during the night but seriously, I had no idea what was happening.


That night, we got ourselves a bottle of Black Label and two bottles of Hennessey V.S.O.P.. They were really going all out as they had finally finished all their projects and submissions for the year. Oh, had I mentioned that they are LKW students? They came all the way from Cyberjaya, I kid you not.


As for me? I work every Saturday so, this was no exception. Still, this did not stop me from turning into a drinking mode. I had a slight hangover the next morning at work and to make things worse, I were to meet my grandpa after work instead of catching some sleep.


Still, it was all worth it. The people was fun. The night was fun. And oh, I got to know this cool dude who apparently is a LKW student as well, and we exchanged numbers. Though he texted me twice already, I have never replied him, lol


TeckJung said...

woot! haha reply him lah

Fumoffu said...

Dia orang Iran lahh.. Not interested :P

goingkookies said...

#1 seems like fun....

#2 haha.. apalah u.. orang iran can be friends ma.. doesn't mean have to hook up wat =p

#3 u more happening than me wer.. i lived in PJ for 26 years of my life but i ve not stepped into zouk at all!! bleh.. maybe when i m back... u can bring me there.. hehe

Fumoffu said...

Okay lu.. If he texted me again, I will reply him. One, to see his sincerity. Two, to see his patience lol!

And well, probably we will hit a club in Brisbane first instead of KL lol I know quite a few there: The Church (or sth) and Club Kandy (or sth lol). My ex been going to clubs so I saw it through the pictures lol