Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Wedding Dinner

It was a wedding of my company’s ex-employee. Well, I was definitely not invited since I do not know the bride, at all but, my superior was not able to make it for the dinner and decided to get me to attend the wedding dinner on his behalf.

With so many amazing dishes, boy, am I glad to have myself there.


Since my superior was supposed to go, it was already arranged that he would be seated on the same table with our boss and his family. My, the wife was sitting just right next to me. I managed to handle the situation well though. It was a great night, to be able to socialise personally with his family members and some other colleagues.


Oh, do you know there is a difference between the Cantonese wedding dinner and the Foochow’s?

You see, when you attend the wedding dinner here, the West Malaysia, I realised that we do bring ‘ang pows’ for the newlywed couple in which you are actually sort of paying for the meal they arranged. However, ladies and gentlemen, we do not do this.


And the next question I received was, ‘What about the poor? They wouldn’t have the money to arrange a wedding dinner.’

Frankly speaking, I do not have a clue but, in my opinion, if you are not financially strong enough to arrange a wedding dinner, how are you able to build and support your own family?

Anyway, if you are really poor and still want to get married, you could probably just arrange a small, private wedding dinner and get people who are really close to you to attend and share the happiness.

And no, I have not thought about getting married at this point.

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