Monday, December 20, 2010

ATV Adventure

After two months of suggesting, finally I managed to get my ass down to plan this activity seriously. There are few packages to choose from but we decided to take the does-not-look-so-expensive package.


I thought it would be only us but one of us suggested ‘the more the merrier’ and in the end, we had all 21 seats for a time slot just for our group. However, you would not be venturing the woods in a big group. You would be broken into a 4 groups (5-5-5-6) and left separately.


For each package, it has its own trail, and for the package we chose, the entrance is its exit. Therefore, the first group that left would have to wait for the last group to reach the destination. To be honest, it was not as easy as I thought. You have got to be reckless and daring to drive this thing. In short, self-confidence is a must!


We were told that a waterfall will be awaiting us at the end of the trail. Unfortunately for the group that I was in, it was already dark by the time we reached the waterfall. Still, lucky for us, we managed to see some fireflies.

An advice, please leave all your important belongings in your bag even if you are leaving your ATV to head to the waterfall. My friend actually left his car keys at the waterfall. Unlucky for him? Well, not really. He got to experience the real ATV ride since the experienced guide rode him to the waterfall.


Trust me, this is one of the activities you should go for at least once in your lifetime! For more information in regards to ATV adventure, click here.

For those who are up for this activity, you made the right choice. For those who are still contemplating, do not hesitate anymore. And do not take Package A as in my honest opinion, that package is for douchebags.

My friends and I are planning to go for Package E next year!

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