Friday, December 24, 2010

Company’s Dinner@Crowne Plaza Hotel

I told my friends that my company does not do annual dinner. In fact, they used to do it. Apparently not many turned up each time they organised the dinner and therefore, they are not bothered about having one after.


However, it does not mean that the employees are not bothered to organise one their own. The only problem about such dinner is that you have to pay for it. The same happened this year, we organised our own but, this time our boss was able to join us and therefore, the company paid for the dinner. We had buffet at Crowne Plaza Hotel.


The company has such practice that we exchange gifts. Not conjunction with Christmas which is just around the corner but, just for the heck of it and the gift value must be at least RM20. Interesting, huh? You had to first pick a number for your gift that someone else will get that night. The most embarrassing thing was you had to write your name too, which obviously spoil the fun.


That night, despite undergoing sugar blockage diet, I indulged myself with all the good food I could find at each station. I had seafood most of the time, oysters, and they were yum!


It was a great night as everyone gets to get along with everyone. Most of them brought their family members along, wives and children, for instance. We took a lot of photos with everyone but the best shot is the one above; that is our boss who is uncommonly in such a good mood to agree taking picture with us.

Now here is the toast to the wonderful beginning of us having to work our asses off another year!

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