Monday, April 23, 2007

Zoo Negara

Yesterday, I went to an unexpected place for the year with Adrian, Chi Wei, Chris, Ken, May, Weng Foo and Yee Yen. Initially, I thought this plan would not work but mana tau, XD!

Let me brief you a bit about this place. I had never been to this place before while it had been a long time since the others went there. So, I was thinking ‘What the heck!’ and I just suggested this place and after some time, everyone agreed with me willingly. XD

Adrian was nice to pick Yee Yen and I up from Subang Jaya, then May and Chi Wei. We were to gather at Ken’s place. Chris reached there later. After using Ken’s toilet, we went for Yong Tau Foo for our lunch.

On the way to the zoo, we had a great laugh in the car. Thanks to Chi Wei! XD I guess Ken, May and I were the lucky ones!

It rained heavily by the time we reached the place.

Yeap! We went to the zoo! Zoo Negara! I am not joking. XD

The signboard is cute XD

The shows

Fyi, I would not post up all the pictures that I took. Too many already. For animals, I uploaded those that I had never seen before. XD For human, I uploaded most of them.

Poor little thing. Being so lonely there. =(

The parrots!

Scary! >.<

Feeding the deers

Lions' and Tigers' area

Being real or being fake? You judge! XD

Where we got to see Orang Utans!

Yee Yen and I posing. The background is so nice!

Taylor's Road XD

We being funny

They being funny XD

Mickey Mouse

He is so Daryl O.o

The reunion of the monkeys!


Zoo's transport

Anyway, more interesting pictures coming up soon...

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