Monday, April 30, 2007


Aforementioned in the previous post, I was back from Ipoh last night. It was a great weekend, I shall say. I do not think I am going to elaborate more about the seminar. I will just let the pictures and captions to do the talking..

First Day:

We reached Taman Ipoh Perdana around 9.30pm and had our dinner. Oh ya! I started going crazy and rolled on the floor! XD Anyway, we started our session around 10.15pm; Opening act

AIESEC Identity Games conducted by Mr. Incredible

Punishment for the group that lost

For your information, I was being punished all the way through the game. *sweat*

Goal setting

Our ice sugar cubes

After the game, most of us went to sleep except...

The McSECers

Alpha 5


...he fell asleep when we had our ghost stories' session.

The nocturnals

After ghost stories session, Daryl played a movie for us and most of us fell asleep watching it.

That's the end of our first day. Coming up with the second day...

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