Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Problematic Connection

I have not been updating my blog recently, huh?

Well, due to the stupid connection back at home and stupid Streamyx for delaying the progress of fixing my account to my phone number at home.

I want to get my own connection as soon as possible! WHY?
  1. No lagging
  2. No worries
  3. No interruption
  4. No barriers
  5. Able to download movies, songs, anime, etc.
  6. And the best of all, it is mine! All to myself! XD

I made a call to Streamyx and I believe the fella could that I was very pissed off already.

"Miss Angel, can you hold on for a while?"

"Yes, sure"

"Thank you for waiting"

"No problem. I'd been waiting for a few weeks already so, I do not mind waiting for just a few minutes."

He assured me that the progress will be done by this week and I hope it will!

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