Monday, March 12, 2012

Six Months Already?

Time flies.

Without realising it, I am here in Penang for six months already. Honestly, I have not built my ground yet. Still in the midst to build and expand my network. It is not as easy as when I was in Shanghai though – everyone is like friends to you when you have beers together. True story.

However, things are getting better though. I have this favourite place that I always go to. There, I get to meet great and nice people. Plus, I am joining their Youth group and hopefully, there will be a lot of exciting activities and events coming soon.

Job wise, so far so good though I failed to handle it well. Seriously, this is not easy. There are so much to learn and yet, there is no time for you to stop and learn them. You have to keep moving and learn while you move. Plus, having someone who expect you to do as well as them is even stressful. It makes me feel depressed and hard to breathe.

It would not be the same again if I were in KL was what I thought, but I highly doubt it.

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