Sunday, March 11, 2012

Belated Valentine’s Dinner@Strada

It was the weekend when we re-arranged the night to have dinner together. I was recommended by one of my colleagues that Strada offered really good steaks in town. Since he loves beef, I decided Strada to be the place.


There were no customer at all when we were there. I thought it would be really packed so, I made a reservation. I actually reserved Valentine’s menu for us. However, after looking through their existing menu online, it is more worth to have their normal dishes.


We wanted to order one appetiser and two main courses. The owner of the restaurant warned us that it would be too much for both of us. We decided to go with Pork Knuckles and Bruschetta.


Regrettably, it was too meaty for us. I could not take it and got sick of it after a few bites. Too much meats; not because the food is bad. When we finished our food, still, there was no customers at all. It felt as if I booked the whole place. Anyway, I would definitely want to go back there again but this time, no more Pork Knuckles.

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