Saturday, February 4, 2012

Christmas Celebration@Straits Quay

Chinese New Year is almost over and I am still posting on Christmas Celebration. I know, I have been procrastinating and this is really bad. My blog is really behind the real time, omg!

So, during our Christmas last year, we went to Straits Quay. We were stuck in the jam for more than an hour and we were starving inside the car. We could have thought to bring some snacks with us earlier. After we were freed from the jam, parking hunt next!


When we finally got a parking space, we decided to hunt for food before checking out the wharf. We went to Oh Sushi Japanese Restaurant and they have this all-you-can-eat Sukiyaki. Lovin’ the words ‘all you can eat.’ They remind me of Shanghai’s Teppanyaki.


We ordered a few side dishes as well though its soft shell crab rolls were bad. I really want Zanmai!


That was the Sukiyaki. Huge pot, wasn’t it? We could order its dishes unlimitedly. Awesome, right?


And guess what? We had seven plates of these. We had to have the right quantity for the price we paid.


After we fed our stomach, only we went to enjoy what’s going on around this big Christmas Tree. Straits Quay had the biggest Christmas Tree in Penang. What’s funny was when the clock struck twelve, no fireworks were put off but most of the lights went off and there, that was the Christmas celebration. Oh, I did not hear any shout out “Merry Christmas” as well. I probably should change to another venue for this year’s Christmas.


靖沂 said...

LOL, y so emo wan the colour of the photo, eventhough is a joyous post. Haha :) Happy Chinese New Year before is too late :)

Alison said...

I seriously need 2 go 2 Penang...
I'm a tragic person.I've only been there ONCE,tragic Ya

Fumoffu said...

Mich, no laa where got emo. It's in that colour because it was already over maa :P urm, Happy Belated Chinese New Year to you T___T

Alison, yeah, you should. Many changes had happened in Penang :)