Monday, February 13, 2012

Not All Malaysian Cops Are Bad!

I read a lot of news or watched a lot of video clips on bad cops in Malaysia. Well, they are not the ‘bad’ bad. I mean those who ridiculously pulled you over and accused you of breaking the laws. Or well, if you did go against the law, they were sort of asking for bribes when you preferred to settle the summons.

So, this is my experience and it is all the truth.

It was first day of teaching at my student’s place and her place is like way further than where I am staying. Plus, I had never been to that area before! Therefore, before I left from work, I printed out a few maps to give me the direction from my work to the place. I am being traditional over here as seriously, iPhone’s map cannot be trusted all the time! Plus, it is difficult to drive while navigating.

Things were going really great on my way to my student’s place. However, things were bad when I was to go back home from her place. Note, I am a really bad driver at night as I do not have good vision at night. I am scared of dark, alright?

Before I left, I did get directions from my student’s mom. Quite useful, just to get out of her neighbourhood but, not to get out of the area. It was really bad. I drove towards a traffic light which restrict only to turn to the left. Thought I have to drive forward again and seeing no incoming traffic, I drove to the other lane and join the queue. Guess what? It was a double lane road. Not good. Later I saw cops in front. Seriously, not looking good.

I got pulled over, of course!

I tried to be calm before winding down the windows. When one of them approached my car, I winded down the windows. I admitted my mistake and tried to explain to him that I was lost. Of course he asked for my driving license and all that. Not really sure if I should give them to him but, not wanting to offend him, I reached out for my wallet. At the same time, I took the maps I printed earlier and explained the situation to him.

And guess what? Thank goodness he trusted me! They trusted me!

He gave me the right direction and even helped me to stop the traffic so I could drive back (I actually overshot three traffic lights). After getting back my driving license and all, I was winding up my window when the cop joked,”Hey, how about the summons?” When he saw my horrified look, he just laughed and let me go.

Phew! That was really something! Got pulled over on my first day of teaching. The class was bad and this experience did not make it better! However, I am blessed that I did not get summoned. After all, I do not have the money to pay the summons!

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