Sunday, February 19, 2012

Year Two O’ One Two

So what did I do on the first day of the new year?


The boyfie brought us to Gurney Paragon. We had our dinner at Goku Raku Ramen. Honestly, I ain’t going back there so soon.


This was the drink ordered by the boyfie. Cannot remember what was it but I remember it was not that bad, not that good.


We ordered gyoza as an appetizer. Just normal, nothing special about it though.


This is the boyfie’s dish. Looks good, doesn’t it? It was good though. Far better than mine. No, I do not remember the name of this dish too.


So this is mine. I ordered this. If I am not mistaken, this dish is somehow one of Goku Raku’s signature dish. This dish’s portion was big but well, not as good as I hoped. Actually I miss this ramen I used to have in Sunway Pyramid. I forgot the name of this shop but I know opposite it has this really delicious popiah stall. I wonder if the shop is still there.


After we were done with our dinner, we went for a walk. When we first reached here, we were too hungry to enjoy the sight.


There is this amazing water fountain performance. It would be brilliant if a music is played. This reminds me of this music water show I watched with my mom back in Hangzhou.


Before we ended the night, we drove to Chatime in Pulau Tikus to have our first Chatime for the year. Oh, and that night we actually had our belated anniversary dinner as well. Meaning we are hitting two birds with one stone.

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