Monday, February 13, 2012

Food Review: Cheers Restaurant & Bierhaus Revisited!

We went back to Cheers again, this time to redeem the voucher we bought online. This time we finally printed the voucher. What was the menu for the night?


We had a pint of German beer. Of course I finished my share but, unexpectedly, I did not finish the boyfie’s share. Yeah, he did not finish his but he is not the person who drinks and that is what I love about him. Consequently, I drink less too. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good change.


We had fried mushrooms as our appetiser. We were just worried that the main course will not be enough. Well, there was nothing so special about it. Just mushrooms being fried and that’s that.


Here come our main course, Crackling pork knuckles. No, we did not do the smashing-the-plates practice. I wish I did though. It was good but the portion is small. Not sure if it is because we bought the deal online or it is this small. If it is, this portion is not worth RM45 though but it was a good food experience.

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