Saturday, January 28, 2012

Food Review: Cheers Restaurant & Bierhaus

It was one of those days when we wanted to try out new food in a new restaurant in town. We knew Cheers from JackCow and it is located quite close to Gurney Plaza. Cheers is a nice place to have booze and snacks while hanging out with friends.


That night, I was not into alcohol and so, I ordered a hot chocolate. Nothing special about it. Mehhh..


I ordered handmade meatballs as our appetizer and guess what? I so regretted about it. Not because it sucks but there ain’t anything special about it either.


One of our main courses is King Ribs. It was juicy and just nice. However, it had a weird thing beneath it. Not really sure what it was but it was not that bad.


Our other main course was Braised Pork Belly. It was not that great but at least we tried out something different. 

Overall, the meal was okay but, we are coming back soon to redeem our deal with Cheers so, stay tuned!

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