Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Langkawi’s Affair with Point One Bu!

For your information, this trip happened three months ago. I know I had been procrastinating when it comes to updating my blog. Been busy with my job and also my new domestic life. Both came with more responsibilities.


About this trip, the planning was quick. At least another trip happened after our last affair in Malacca. However, it was not a complete group. Chris missed out.


During the trip, there were a few highlights. We went to check out Makam Mahsuri at night and joked about in the event something happened to us in Langkawi, each of us would curse the land for seven generations which would total up forty nine generations. Later, we ended up trespassing a gwai lou’s villa which we thought it was a hotel.


“You can join us but, you will never be part of us,” said Ken.

Also, we had dinner with a King on our second night at Awana Porto Malai and we were joking about having to talk to the King to treat us. We stayed until late night with sharing and laughter. It was a great night by the seaside.


Before I left Langkawi, I led them to Pantai Kok and snapped the photo above with the other two noobs inside the car. However, my flight was delayed and guess what? They were enjoying nice lunch by the wharf, fml

So, when’s our Bali?

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