Monday, October 22, 2007

Lots of things happened for the past few days. Did not manage to update my blog, and yeah, was being lazy.

Last Friday was the elections of the new board for 2008. It was sad to see the candidates to get the chance to grow further in AIESEC while I decided to pull out. However, thanks to the words from Stanley (or Gabriel) and I got better.

The candidates

Later, it was AMAN on Saturday. I decided not to go due to financial crisis. However, baby's daddy postponed his birthday celebration on that night. His mother called him up and asked him to bring me along for the dinner. I was delighted, of course. I bought a cake for his father as his birthday present. That night, we had steamboat at this very grand restaurant. It was a bit awkward but I managed to get it through. =)

Baby and I planned to join the rest after AMAN. Lots of things happened and we ended up in Station 1 Cafe with Siew Jhoong. We ordered a bucket of beer. When we were drinking, I saw Timothy, Kazi, Cecilia and Daniel. It was really a coincidence to bump into them. Yee Yen, William, Shanny and Wei Hon came over too. All of us sat down together for drinks and seriously, we really had fun ie. you should see Timothy as he really enjoyed himself and Siew Jhoong who was almost half drunk (credits to my baby).

It was really unexpected but I really had fun that night. I thought I was going to miss the fun at the bar.

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