Sunday, October 28, 2007

It has been indeed a great experience on Friday night. I just could not stop laughing, thinking about it.


Just now I came across with this article. It warned couples not to say 'I can't live without you.' Reason? Below is the paragraph that I quoted directly from the article.

Why? Number one, it's not true; you can live without them. And number two, the key to a successful long-term relationship is to ensure that you've got your own life. You can say I love you, I enjoy you, I desire you, I appreciate you. You don't say I can't live without you. A partner should never feel trapped. He or she should be making a choice every day to be with you. And
you, with them.


Another caught my attention which read 'How to Argue ... and Actually Improve your Health.' According to the article, women who bottled up their feelings after an argument were four times as likely to experience declining health as women who expressed their feelings openly. So how can you communicate with your partner in a way that is kind but effective?

Be Authentic. Fight to Love, Not to Win. Keep It Sweet.

Lastly, be sure to end each argument or cold spell with your spouse with affection and gratitude. It is easy to forget appreciation and love when you are in the middle of a fight with your partner, which is why it is so important to express these emotions after the issue is resolved.


Finals is around the corner. All the best to everyone and of course, to myself. :D

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