Saturday, May 28, 2016

Boracay: Day 4

It was another free and easy day for us in Boracay. We decided to walk to Station 1 in the morning after our breakfast to have a nicer shots at Willy’s Rock.


The view never failed to amaze us. You would want to wake up every morning to see this. The girls spent a lot of time taking pictures here and there. Well, it was our last day on this island so, we did not want to waste it. The guy, well, he was nowhere to be seen. However, we were sure he was somewhere enjoying himself too.


We had our lunch at Yellow Cab before we dispersed – Chee Teng and I went back to our room while the others stayed back by the beach. My stomach was not feeling well at that time so, I had to rest on the bed. It sucks when you are having gastric problem.

2016-03-03 12.15.05

Since it would be our last dinner in Boracay, we decided to have a glamour dinner by the beach. We went to a few restaurants until we finally settled down with one that has a good live band. The band members were very engaging. Very engaging until I was invited to sing on stage with them. What a way to end my trip in Boracay.

2016-03-03 20.21.22

Before we went back to our room, we walked around the shops for the last time – to look for souvenirs and postcards. The ladies went to hunt for a massage. I wanted a foot massage badly and had an hour of it. I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated.

2016-03-03 21.42.54

Back in the room, I was hoping to have a bonding night before all of us turned in. However, we were all so tired that we decided to sleep straight..

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