Sunday, May 22, 2016

Boracay: Day 2

Procrastination – it’s already May and I had not finished my adventure in Boracay with my friends here. The trip was two months ago. Okay, let’s continue our second day in Boracay.

As we bought a package on the night we arrived, we started the second days with activities lined up for us. The local whom we bought the package from, met us at our hotel. He walked us to Station 1 to meet up with the rest of the tourists.

2016-03-02 16.49.31

That sand art – it’s not free to take a photo with it. You need to pay. In fact, you need to pay for everything in Boracay. That is the first lesson we learned. Let me share further with you..

P3012262Our first activity was snorkeling. We took the speed boat which brought us to the middle of the sea and snorkeled. The current was strong and being a hammer, Chee Teng and I had a rough time holding onto the pole of the boat. When all of us got back up to the boat, we were told to pay P20 snorkeling fee. I believe the fund is used to preserve the sea – that’s fine.


Our next destination was Magic Island. We had to pay P150 to enter the place. Else, you will have to hang around at the beach are as shown in the picture above. However, this place is well-known for cliff diving, apart from Ariel’s Point. The only difference is that you could dive non stop in Magic Island. Okay, fine. At least you paid and got to jump unlimited times from the cliff. Unfortunately for Chee Teng and I, we were not brave enough to dive into the sea.

I think we were there for about 30 minutes when the guide called us back to the speed boat. It was that time when my stomach wasn’t feel right – gastric? I thought I would faint and worried because there’s no way for me to go back to the hotel at that time. Fortunately I felt better after I took my medicine as well as lunch. Else, my day could be ruined.

2016-03-02 08.18.17

After lunch, we were brought to Puka Beach. Nah, you don’t have to pay to take the picture above. Basically we were at Puka Beach the whole afternoon! We thought we would be going to Crystal Cove and felt cheated when we went back to White Beach. Anyhow, we had our own fun at Puka Beach – loads of soaking, loads of picture taken and loads of laughter. As we were tired, we decided to postpone our sunset ride to the next day.

2016-03-01 19.35.55

I really love our stay location – Station 2. We were surrounded by food and drinks amidst the beautiful beach, though not as beautiful as Station 1. It’s fine so long it is not far for us to get our food. As we were not able to make our minds on where to eat, Chee Teng and I made the same decision for us to dine at Spice Bird. This place is very much like Nando’s in Malaysia.

2016-03-01 19.36.11

Of course I could not go without a mango juice. Philippines mango juice is by far the best I’ve ever had. I believe I am going to have this every day during my stay in Boracay.

As we were knackered at the end of the day, there was not night activity. All of us went back to our hotel and knocked out…

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