Monday, December 8, 2014

Melbourne: Day 4

What did I do on the fourth day?


I joined a local tour on a Great Ocean Road day tour! To be honest, a day tour is not enough. I would want to drive by myself and stayed longer for this tour. Sadly, I had limited time in Melbourne. Therefore, I am really blessed to be able to go for this tour.

I had to wake up really early for this trip. I woke up as early as 5.30am and Beat’s dad drove me to the pickup point. She would in turn picked me up after the tour ended. I joined a Chinese tour because it is so much cheaper compared to an English tour. The tour guide was a PRC of nationality but he is very knowledgeable on Australia. Believe me or not, I learned a lot from him and confirmed with Beat.


During the first half journey to our main destination, The Twelve Apostles, our bus was driving along the highway by the ocean. The second half would be the woods. Since we spent most of our time inside the bus, the tour guide entertained us with the history of Australia as well as the setbacks of this country despite being a beautiful and peaceful place to live.


Along the way to The Twelve Apostles, there were a few other attractions. The first sightseeing stop-off was Gibsons Steps – the staircase leading down to the stretch of beach.


Second stop-off was Lorch Ard Gorge. This place was named after a ship that carried fifty four passengers from England to Melbourne. Two survived from the wreck.



Finally, The Twelve Apostles! Though only a few left due to nature erosion and stuff, the name remains significant to the Australians. There was a chopper ride provided to tourists who wish to have a bird-eye view but it was not worth the price. Therefore, I did not take it. Instead, I just enjoyed the view while walking.

The remaining afternoon was mostly the ride back to Melbourne. Instead of using the same highway, this time, we took the country road back to the city. By the time I reached back the pick-up point, the sky was already dark.

What did I have for dinner?

2014-10-25 09.44.46

Beat brought me to her favourite place to have phor and yeah, it was really good. We headed back after dinner because I had to wake up early for my next tour the next day.

Therefore, stay tuned for my next post on my fifth day in Melbourne!

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