Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Melbourne: Day 2

Finally I had one full day in Melbourne. Kicked start the day with brunch at Mocha Jo’s with the cousins – Beat and Livvie. I cannot remember when was the last time I met Livvie. I had MJ’s The Works and hot chocolate. Yes, I love Australian hot chocolate – yummy! It came with two marshmallows, awwww.. Sadly, I am not a fan of marshmallows.


Beat brought me to Brighton Beach after we were done with our brunch. Livvie did not follow us though. She was not feeling well. However, she and her husband would be coming over to have dinner with us at Beat’s. I knew about Brighton Beach through Summer’s Facebook profile. She was in Melbourne a few weeks earlier than me. Brighton Beach has a row of bath houses that were painted with bright or pastel coloured paints – really colourful – a great place to take photos! One of the many things I love about Australia is you get to see dogs taking a stroll with their masters. Lovely! I was told by Beat that in Australia, if you did not bring your dogs out for a walk, you are committing animal abuse. Awesome, right?


When we got back to our car, Santa Claus was early in Melbourne! We received a gift and no, I am not going to reveal it here. Hahahaha. That really made our day.

So where did we head to next?


Gelato Messina! My first ice-cream stop in Melbourne. This place is well-known. People had to queue for it. Fortunately there was no queue when we were there. I had The Bad The Good The Nutty and it was good. Love it! And definitely missing it!

That night we had a home-cooked dinner prepared by Beat and our guests were Livvie and her husband. I had a great time with them and it felt so good to have dinner with a number of people. Well, I always have dinner alone in Penang.

When dinner was over, Beat was asking me if I wanted to have dessert.

I was like, why not?

And where were we heading to?


We went to Lygon Street and had another round of ice cream at Helados JAUJA. Initially, I wanted to order PB Nutella but Beat told me that their The Durian is good. I was like, really? I did see it but I thought, this is Australia - their durian flavoured ice cream is probably not that great. However, she claimed that her fiance loves it and so as his father. She said the smell is strong – pointed out that The Durian is the only flavour that was covered inside the display. I was like, hmmm, maybe I should give it a try. No harm, what.

And I regretted having it! No, it was not that it is not good. It is so good that I am missing it right now! That texture is so smooth and the taste is very durian-y! Yes, I am making my own adjective for durian now! If you ever go to Helados JAUJA and you are a durian lover, go get it! Oh, and beware, the smell is really strong!


Since Beat is not a big fan of gelato, we went to Yo-Chi to have her favourite froyo also known as frozen yoghurt. It is something like our Tutti Fruitti where we have a self-service station but from what she said, Yo-Chi’s froyo is far better than Tutti Fruitti’s. I have no idea. I only take Moo Cow’s froyo.

Did we call it a day after?



We went to Brunetti after. This bakery offers wide range of European sweets and desserts. The store is like a palace to me – really high class! Since we were both too full to have anything solid, we had drinks only – yes, as usual, I had hot chocolate. However, we did make a take-away. Beat told me that their Tiramisu is really good so I had that for take-away whereas she had New York Cheesecake? I think so. We also bought Almond Biscuits, thinking it was good but we judged a biscuit by its appearance. It is not what we expected it to be.

Anyway, that night, it was really stuffed that I had a hard time to walk, sit, stand and sleep!

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