Saturday, November 29, 2014

Melbourne: Day 1

Yes. I flew to Melbourne. Been looking forward to this vacation for a freaking year. Actually, I was supposed to be there few years’ back but things happened so let us skip it. I still made it to Melbourne, didn’t I? The fact is, I purchased this flight ticket one year ago – during Air Asia Zero Fare Promotion. The vacation was worth every penny. Plus, I spent every single dollar from my own pocket. Yes, I burnt big hole but hey, life is short. If I don’t travel now, when?

2014-10-19 04.16.27

Of course every long distance flight comes with a price. Since I purchased the Economy Class, I was bound to have a 7-hour not-so-comfortable flight. However, every second was worthwhile when I saw the horizon lighting up with sunlight. I knew I was almost there.

2014-10-19 10.12.36

I landed Melbourne safely and for the next few days, I would be staying at my best friend’s place. I had known this friend of mine since Kindergarten classes. She migrated to Melbourne after Form 3 and that was when I promised to visit her in Melbourne. Yes, finally I had fulfilled the promise after 11 years. It is better late than never, no?


She brought me to Chez Dré for brunch. I was surprised to see crowded entrance. Never had I imagined people queue for meals in Australia too! I guess it only happens in a famous and great restaurant. Even the queue to settle the bill was long. It is a French restaurant and I was told by my friend that they change their menu almost every week! If I am not mistaken, they serve the best brunch in town! Now that explains why the place is always crowded especially during brunch hour. You can check out their menu in their website but beware, the site will make you drool!


They serve patisserie as well – look at that! Very mouth-watering, no? We had a take away on one of those. No, I cannot recall the name *sigh*



I had a glass of orange juice and Turkish baked eggs. I love the orange juice. Very authentic and not the watery type. Splendid. As for the meal, guess what? I failed to finish it. I forgot about Australian infamous food portion. They are huge! I then knew it was time to say goodbye to my hard-gym-visitation. 



She had Chai Latte and the signature dish, brioche french toast. To be honest, I preferred hers. Damn! However, if we both ordered the same dish, we would not be able to try something else. Comforting myself. Anyway, I will definitely order that french toast when I am back there again.

2014-10-19 17.55.38

I did not get to do much on the first day. Since I helped her to smuggle packets of patin into Melbourne, she made patin noodles for dinner. Apart from being oily, it was all good. Can’t believe I came all the way to Melbourne for this, huh? Rolling on the floor laughing

2014-10-19 21.28.16

Since she was out to work that night, I had a meet-up with a blogger friend of mine. We knew each other through blogs and had never seen each other before. We knew each other back in between year 2007 and 2008. Her spouse was worried that I am dangerous and same goes to my friend. Glad the meet-up happened. We had a great time and time ticked really fast when you were having a good time. I wonder when will be the next time we meet up but you know what? I am really delighted to know you.

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