Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Melbourne: Day 5

I joined another tour on my fifth day in Melbourne – Philip Island. The main purpose is to see the penguins, live! Been really excited for this day as well. Penguins are adorable, okay? Since the penguins will only be back nightfall, we had one whole day to visit other places.


First of all, we went to a wharf to see some pelicans before we went to have our lunch. It seems these pelicans are protected by the community in the area.


After lunch, we went to Chocolate Factory. We helped ourselves with some games to win ourselves some chocolates. I won myself one chocolate only. Well, I was not being greedy so I did not put a lot of effort to win each game.


Next was Churchill Island Heritage Farm. There were a few shows to entertain us. There were cow milking (only children were allowed to milk the cow at the end of the demonstration), sheep shearing (again, only children were allowed to try it), whips (now the adults’ time and I tried to play with the whip to make that really cool sound but failed – it was not easy) and last but not least, my favourite show, working dog. Billy was the name, I think. He is an intelligent one. He reminds me of my monsters back in Sibu.


Where to next? Amaze’n Things. I indulged myself with all the mind blogging games that blew my mind! I even took the challenge to fall from a cliff that was three-storey height. I had to let go my hands myself and frankly speaking, that step to remove my hands from the bar was not easy! I hesitated ‘cos it’s really high, alright? However, I am glad that I made it.


Before we went to have our dinner, we visited Koala Conservation Centre. I did not enjoy myself much though. We could not get close to the koalas at all (unlike the trip I had in Brisbane). When we were done with our dinner, that’s when the highlight of the trip came – penguin parade!

We were seated at the VIP corner where the penguins will mostly appear at. The temperature was not low but the wind was strong. Therefore, it was really shivering.  Though I wore long sleeve top, it did not help. No wonder some of the tourists brought a blanket along. They knew it is going to be that cold! For those who are going to Philip Island for the penguins parade, remember to bring a blanket, alright?


It was already late night by the time I was back in Glen Waverley. Since Beat was still working at that time (her shift ended at midnight), I went to The Pancake Parlour to try out their pancakes. Beat told me that their pancakes are really good. Since the place closed at 11pm, I had to change location to The China Bar (if I am not mistaken) to wait for Beat to come and pick me up. It was a long and tiring day but, I really had a great time.

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