Thursday, December 4, 2014

Melbourne: Day 3


Day one and two were mostly on food and ice cream hunting. Therefore, day three was a little bit of food hunting and sightseeing. Beat had already planned to bring me to Mt Dandenong to have brunch at Miss Marple’s Tea Room. I was told that this place is famous for its tea and scones? English breakfast, I guess? However, there was a blackout and therefore, Miss Marple’s could not operate. Now that sucks.


Before we left to the next place for our brunch, we stopped by Tea Leaves Sassafras which is just situated next to Miss Marple’s. It is a shop that sells tea leaves and beautiful and interesting tea cups and pots. Those who love tea cups or tea pots or both will definitely love this shop.


So where did we have our brunch?

We went to have pies in the sky!


I am serious! The name of the restaurant is Pie In The Sky. They serve English breakfast too and that’s what we ordered but added on with a few pies. Our initial plan was to have an English breakfast at Miss Marple’s and then pies at Pie In The Sky. Since Miss Marple’s was closed due to the blackout, we had everything at Pie In The Sky. They are famous for their delicious pies, obviously. However, Beat said their scones are so much better than Miss Marple’s. It was her very first time to have Pie In The Sky’s scones. Oh well, guess I killed two birds with one stone without knowing it.

I do not remember what she had but I know mine was Beef Burgundy which was a Gold Medal Winner for the annual Great Aussie Meat Pie Competitions. I ordered it not because it was a Gold Medal Winner but because under its description, I saw the words ‘red wine’ and wanted to taste it. The taste was alright but there was not enough fillings inside the pie. If only there were more meats…


After we finally filled our stomachs, we went for a stroll. There are many other interesting shops nearby. My favourite is definitely The Real Thing Craft Centre. That’s where I bought my plush toy owl which I have yet to name. They sell many interesting stuff that I do not see in Malaysia. If it is not for the price, I guess it is the best place to get souvenirs for your friends.

2014-10-25 09.42.54

When we were leaving the place, I ran into this man who was walking his two standard terriers. They reminded me of Can Can a lot – and Can Can is so much smaller than them. Their fur was a bit rough but who cares, they were adorable. I asked their owner if he was fine with me taking pictures with them. See! I really love this – people taking their dogs out for a walk!


Next and final destination was National Rhododendron Gardens, the saddest part in this trip. I dropped my phone along with my credit card and cash with the amount of AUD150. Big ouch there! Of course I was upset but seriously, thanks to this event, I focused more on the moment during my trip for the next few days in Melbourne. I did have a phone but it was Beat’s, not mine, and therefore, there was nothing much I could do with the phone apart from exchanging text messages with her. Anyway, God is good. Fortunately, I lost my phone at the beginning for my trip. I had the remaining days to make it up to it better than to have lost it at the end of my trip – with more pictures taken and saved.

Things do happened for reasons – life is a harsh teacher because tests first, answers later.

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