Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A day at A'Famosa Animal World

A'Famosa Animal World Safari was where we went before we headed back down to Malacca. To be honest, you will not regret having coming here :D This is wayyy better than Zoo Negara.

The entrance :)

The first place that we went was Chicken Farm. It seems 'interesting' to me but it is definitely a very interesting place for the boyfriend. I grew up, playing with chickens!

Thousands of chicks and there are more!

The boyfriend was busy catching one of them (there was no one watching over the place) while I saw this BIG mirror in the farm and therefore, oh well, typical me

busy camwhoring in the farm! XD

Why did I state that this safari is wayyyy better than Zoo Negara? Well, obviously, they have MORE animals to see and they are HEALTHY. Below are just few of the animals' pictures that I took. There are still more. I was amazed by the 'nature' of the 'wild' that I was too busy looking at them rather than taking their pictures. You have to explore it yourself. They have more than five tigers, four lions [1 male, 3 females] with two lion cubs :D UNLIKE at Zoo Negara where you only get to see two or less tigers and lions' STATUE -_- But of course, I did not get to see the 'elephant show' at the safari like I saw it at Zoo Negara.


This Emu reminded me of the one [a bird which seems to smile when it saw cameras] that my friends and I saw back at the zoo.




They are VERY adorable. I'm serious.

Raccons! They really look funny! :D

At A'Famosa Animal World Safari, not only you get to see the animals but you also get to watch their performances. We only managed to go for Bird Show -- we missed Elephant Show, Multianimal Show & Wild Wild West Show.

Bird Show

Not only that, they have trucks to bring their visitors into the land of wild where you get to see the animals close enough [but no worries, you are safe in the trucks and trust me, the animals do not bother about us. I think they just got bored to see us like, everyday?]. They have animal rides as well ie. elephant ride, camel ride, pony ride and horse ride that only cost RM6 per person [though the ride does not last long enough]. However, we went for both elephant and camel rides and trust me, elephant ride is much more fun. You will see why when you tried it yourself :)

They have this small island, known as Monkey Island. This is where they keep all their mokeys. I have no idea why they separate the monkeys and the other animals. Maybe it was meant to make visitors' visit over there even fun [make it more fun mar].

Did you see the island?

Another smaller island, known as Gibbon Zone, where no man is able to step on it.

On the raft to the island

Spot the monkeys!

And, before we left the place, we took a few snaps. Below is one of them. Don't ask me why I am doing that because I don't know myself -_-


Cyren Z. Wong said...


This place is actually quite notorious for animal abuse.

Fumoffu said...

Yeah. I could see that esp. when they were forcing the animals [regardless the animals are tired] to take pictures with the visitors. They want to earn profit.