Wednesday, February 28, 2007

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It has been so long since I talked about my university's life. Well, not to say it started out terrible or sucky. Still nice as I got to meet and hang out with my friends. Got to chill at home with my roommates and housemates.

Oh my gosh! How about studies? Sighhh... My brain got all rusty after all those nearly 3-month-holiday! And you know or not? Our academic calendar quite sucky. We started off lectures and tutorial classes for two weeks and then we had one week Chinese New Year break. Potong stim kan? Break the mood of studying. Break the mood of holiday-ing too! I had to miss three precious lectures and two beloved tutorial classes. One of it was my mother's class! I did print out the notes and brought them back hometown with me but you know what? I did not touch them! Anyway, it turned out fine, well, for now, I suppose. Speacial thanks to May.

Overall, how are the lectures? Boleh tahanlah though some lectures are full of craps and some lectures are filled with boredom because, at least I got to learn something from them. How about friends? Though not much like Foundation year, it was still okay. Almost got into a conflict but not wanting to create a misunderstanding, we are fine already and I am very glad of it.

Yayy.. I am moving out in April. To where? Next door! XD To be honest, I am very glad to be able to have my own room. I have my own room ever since I was in Standard 4 and urm, I did have difficulty to share a room with other people in the first place. Not to say that I do not want to share a room with people anymore, Chris. Just that, I finally can have my own privacy and that I would not disturb others' privacy too.

Anyway, guys, I am moving at the end of March *hint hint* Manpower *hint hint*

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