Saturday, February 24, 2007

Subang! I'm Back!

Was playing with my laptop when I looked up and saw this..

Was wondering what was going on over there and so I went nearer..

Figured it out that there will be high status human beings leaving Sibu. Should be some Dato' Dato' or some Datin Datin or YB YB. Did not take a nice picture, scared that those policemen will think that I was trying to spy and kill the VIPs.

However, I took a courage and went to get a nicer shot. *there* Thought that I will be boarding together with some high status human being. Mana tahu? Those high status human beings came to Sibu and to Kuching with me. As a result, my flight got delayed. Cis! Thanks to them.

Leaving Sibu

Reached Kuching. 2.15pm flight to KLIA was retimed to 3.00pm. Yeahh.. Got delayed again. =.=" Spent my time at The Coffee Bean. 3.00pm already but we are not even boarded in the aircraft. Left Kuching International Airport (KIA) around 3.40pm.

Leaving Kuching

I was being nice today. I did not want to eat the Choc so I gave it to the guy who sat beside me. XD

Reached KLIA and went to get a taxi. Was conned RM 8. 60!

On the way back and let me introduce you my driver...


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