Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Girls' Outings

So far, after finals, I had been to TWO girls' outings. Quite an achievement, honestly, since the last girls' outing.

The first outing was last Friday with Jackie, Yoon Hui and 'Ching Lee' (not sure with the spelling Tongue). We went SHOPPING at Sungei Wang! I bought two tops and one short. Cost me RM50.70! Well, quite worth the money though. Then we went to Pavilion. It was my first time to be there during daylight. The last time I went was late at night and most of the shops were already closed.

The second outing was only few days ago; Monday. I had promised SiMun to go for a karaoke since last year. I only got to fulfill my promise that day. Tongue I was surprised that SiMun could get May to go for a karaoke with us. It is so not like her!

May and I camwhoring in the toilet. SiMun was very shy to join us.

And we managed to pull her to join us.

We met up with Helisa and Ella at Neway. At the very beginning, everyone was very semangat to sing songs. We even got up from our seats to dance; Flying Without Wings, You Drive Me Crazy and two more songs that I could not remember. Until the very end of karaoke, most of us almost given up but a girl who did not sing much at the very beginning suddenly became so semangat singing those high-pitch songs while the rest of us have already started camwhoring with the just-only-found-out-nice-lollipop-and-Z-lightings Raised Eyebrow. That girl was none other than Ella.

One of the crazy dances: SiMun and I. This is insane! Laughing


The funniest part was Ella ended our karaoke session with the song 'We Are The Champions' which was really suitable for her. She was the only one who sang till the very end! Surprise


I was chatting with her when she typed these..

So happy some more =_=

Interested to see the picture mentioned by her? Big Grin

So lesbo!!

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