Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Yesterday was my brother's 22nd birthday. Instead of not celebrating his birthday, I went over his place on Sunday night to give him a surprise. It was so sweet of Chung to drive me there even though he was having a slight fever. We tembak our way to my brother's apartment and yeah, we managed to reach the right apartment.

We were so lucky that the security system broke down that we could use the lift and went to the second floor. Again, we were lucky that one of my brother's housemates came out from the house. I went to bang my brother's door hard like mad. He was surprised to see us and was very touched.

We left Cyberjaya around midnight and asked Siew Jhoong out for a mamak session at JS. I am really happy that I was able to celebrate his birthday this time.

Thanks, Chung..


Alan said...

really a surprise for ur brother :-)

Fumoffu said...

yeah, and the most amazing this is, it actually made him remembers it up until now! he was the one who reminded me of this surprise last night after we had our dinner :D