Saturday, August 18, 2007

His 19th Birthday

All the plans were a success!

I am truly grateful to all my friends who helped me to celebrate his birthday on Thursday during AIESEC meeting.

Million thanks to May and Siew Jhoong (especially to May) for everything.

Million thanks to the AIESECers for the birthday song.

Special thanks to the Dutch Ambassadors, Robin and Guido.

Special thanks to my brother who came over to Subang Jaya after midnight. He wished Chung a Happy Birthday.

On the day of his birthday itself, I insisted to bring him to Allegro Cafe for a small, private, romantic birthday celebration. I was very confident back then that he would love the atmosphere and the food over there though it is very pricey.

Special thanks to my father who wished him a Happy Birthday. Btw, it was a great surprise for me to hear my father having a short but nice conversation with him.

It was really a worthwhile efforts. I am very delighted that he loves everything that I did for him.

Last and foremost again, Happy 19th Birthday, dear...


sinlerongpo said...

hey, you join AIESEC ? Cool... are you going out for overseas internship or something like that ?

Fumoffu said...

Haha. You know about AIESEC? That's great! I plan to do internship abroad after I graduate. XD