Monday, August 6, 2007

Tour in Kuala Lumpur

Two days ago (Saturday) was a really tiring day for us. Alright, maybe only for me. You must be asking who are the 'us' I mentioned beforehand. Well, this is us!

From left to right: Jasper, Sook Theng, Me, May, Daryl, Lawrence, Tina, Chung and Ke Vin.

Our objective of the day was to bring our friends, Lawrence and Tina, who are from Hong Kong to tour around in KL. We met up at Kwai Sun 2, SS15. Before we proceed to Batu Caves, we had a campus tour in TBS with Lawrence and Tina.

Here we are! Our very first destination; Batu Caves. The flight of stairs almost killed me. It had been a long time for me to sweat since the last time I played badminton with my brother during the last semester break. If I am not mistaken, there were 370 stairs.

From below

From above

Finally, the top!

It took us 4 minutes to reach to the top! Amazing!

The inside

Stairs again =.="

The end

Before we left the place, I wanted to take a picture with the place and this was what happened. =.="

Yeah, everyone joined me. Poor Ke Vin.

Finally, I got one for myself. XD

We parked our cars at Pandan Jaya and took train to the city. Our next destination was Petaling Street. However, though most of us are from KL, we face slight difficulty to find our way to Petaling Street. XD After we met up with Ka Wei, we had our lunch at a very famous restaurant that sell beef noodles which was quite near to Petaling Street.

Next, we wanted to go to KL Tower. Initially we wanted to take a bus. Unfortunately, we could not find one and we took cabs instead.

We saw this 'Nature Walk' something like that so, we thought of giving it a shot before we went up the tower.

One of my favourites

Not this monkey


Up the tower, we see, we land, we conquer...

We left to Star Hill and the first place we went once we reached was no other than toilet itself. We met up with Siew Jhoong there. It was an impressive place, not to say about the whole place. XD We can neither shop nor eat so, we left the place to Sungei Wang and had our dinner at Kim Gary. We met up Nicholas there. It was a really tiring journey. My legs were like breaking apart!

We took cabs to KLCC, our so-called last destination. Why was it so-called? You will know it sooner or later as you proceed reading to the end of this post. The view was magnificient. I never knew that there was a park outside KLCC.

My idea XD Nice?

Proud to be Malaysians?

I've got new family members.
Boyfriend: Of course Chung
So-called parents: Siew Jhoong and May
So-called grandparents: Lawrence and Tina
So-called brother: Nicholas
So-called uncle and aunt: Daryl and Sook Theng
So-called neighbours: Ke Vin and Jasper

Our LAST destination was JS mamak. Laughters filled the air. I really had a great day that day and I believe same goes to everyone else. It was around 1am when everyone bade each other goodbyes.

p/s: There are more group pictures yet to be taken from Lawrence. Stay tune!

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