Saturday, August 11, 2007

Last night, Chung and I invited May and Siew Jhoong over my place and cooked for dinner together. Chung and I went to buy short beans while the other couple went to buy drinks.

It was around 7.00pm when we started cooking for dinner ie. washed and cut the vegetables, boil soup, beat the eggs, fried chicken wings, etc.

The one who fried chicken wings

Now, now. Behold, the egg beaters!


It took us one and a half hour before we could have our dinner. Though it took quite of our time but the efforts were worth it. We could save a lot!

We had a drinking session after that. I was beginning to feel dizzy and I think I did it again. I could feel that I was very brave and would express anyhow I wanted to. Sound crazy, huh?

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