Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spring Festival 2011

This year’s Chinese New Year was a fruitful one though it was not as awesome as last year’s. However, there are a few things that I am always looking forward to during this big celebration each year.


First, family reunion dinner on the night of Chinese New Year Eve. It means a lot to every family.


Also, the reunion of my girlfriends. One of us came back from Melbourne this year to celebrate Chinese New Year in Malaysia. Therefore, us, gathered together this year was a memorable one but one was missing due to her duty roster. The picture above is definitely not complete.


The most unexpected gathering was this: Evil, Devil and Satan coming together. It has been seven years since we last met each other. We had a great catch up session and sort of promise to meet every year instead of every seven years.


Next was definitely my buddies. Spending time and days with them can never be boring. They can be really random and talk a lot shit followed with lots of laughter. I was really honored to be asked over for the gathering as shown in the picture above. Though some of us were missing, it was still a great night.

Now I am really looking forward to year twenty twelve but before that, let me first make this year the best out of it!

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