Thursday, March 22, 2007

Stressed vs Relaxed

I really had fun today. Thanks to Chung. After dinner, we went to play pool. Thank goodness he is not a professional pool player. Kalau tidak, habis saya! We played 3 rounds and I lost 3 rounds. Do not worry. I did not laugh until I got another appendix.

Anyway, it really has been a long time since I had fun. I know I did have fun with the others but I really went all out without worrying anything ie. tutorials especially ASR then AIESEC especially Orientation Night and LLDS, mid-semester exam which is just around the corner, assignments which I have to start TFS next week, final exam which is still far ahead (why am I going crazy about this?) and bla bla bla..

However, once I reached my room, those worries came back to me one by one. I think I really need a rest.

Alright! It is decided then! I’m gonna sleep as long as I can on Saturday!

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