Saturday, March 3, 2007


Finally two events were down but there are more to come: Campus Day, Orientation Night & LLDS.

Recruitment Week was not as successful as I thought but still, I wanted to give credits to the Person-in-charge, Justine Cheah.

Regarding the AIESEC Day, well, attendance wise, it was still okay. A lot of improvements need to be made but still, it was a successful event. Kudos to the Organising Committees for the event and million thanks to the Organising Committee President, Cecelia Woon.

After the event and dinner, I went to Nicholas' house with Yee Yen, Alex, Cecelia and Suek Yee. Cecelia taught me how to play mahjong and I won. It was my first time to play mahjong. Then we started to play Bluff and I won too. I really had a difficulty to play this game. Fyi, Rene was really blur. =.=" Not to forget 'Dai Di' and Black Jack. In the end, we played the most enjoying game. To be honest, it was really fun. And fyi again, Rene was really really slow. We had a great laugh. XD

Playing bluff (fyi, I won the game so I was free to take pictures)

I admit I am gullible. I could not believe that I was tricked by Nicholas for many times in just one night! >.< And well, Rene too though it was only once. =p

Report of the night: Alex broke a chair. XD

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