Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sherlyn's 21st Birthday

Sherlyn invited us to her birthday party blast at That Indian Thing, Asian Heritage Road. Initially, I was to follow Hippo's car but when we met up in TBS, I saw Esmond's car and well, what else? Of course I jumped into his car!

And oh no! Guess what? I forgot to take my medicine that the doctor gave me. I was supposed to take medication 30 minutes before the journey and I totally forgot about it! >.<" All the way to That Indian Thing, I kept talking to both Brian and Esmond. We talked, joked and laughed! It was fun. Oh ya! Chung, I told your joke to Esmond and guess what? Esmond laughed very loud! Meanwhile, Brian told us Face-Problem's cold joke and it was really super sweatt!

When we first reached there, they saw Reshmanu and I was like 'Huh? Who's that?' Esmond told me that Reshmanu is one of the most successful artiste and I clarified to them that I seriously do not know who that person is until Jackie sang one of his songs! XD Well, they did not want to make it obvious that he was spotted so, we went straight up to the bar to meet the birthday girl.

When we were getting our drinks, we saw Reshmanu and everyone was taking pictures with him. And so, I asked Jackie if she wanted to take picture with him and yeah, we did! XD

He is such a friendly guy. =)

Well, we did take group pictures too.

And not to forget the birthday girl. XD

There are more pictures below.

The people, the party, the balloons

The cupcakes that Sherlyn's friends made

Our drinks: Whisky, good gracious with Coke.

The guys

The girls

Sexy Elaine

Hot Jackie

Shern Ming

Yayy! Esmond!


Not to forget the VIP, Sherlyn!! *muaks*

You must be wondering who that guy is. Let me give you a short story regarding the picture above. I was drinking when I saw this guy. 'Omg! He is so tall!' was what my mind read. I think I was halfway *drunk* and got the courage to greet him and before I could ask him, he knew what I was going to ask. He was nice to be willing to take picture with me. Oh! Btw, his name is Philip. XD

It was time to cut the birthday cake!

And it was time for us to go too!

Two happy kids with the helium-balloons. XD

I must admit that I was halfway drunk. We stopped by Jackie's house as she needed to use the Ladies and I needed to puke. I was taking off my heels when I shouted for Siew Jhoong and when I got up, I almost bang into his room's wall (hahaha) and he was shocked to see half-drunken Angel. I could not walk properly to the kitchen and Siew Jhoong helped me and yeah, I puked in the kitchen and that's when I called you, Pak Cik.

Later, we went to JS Mamak together. Hippo, Elaine and Shern Ming were there already. I think I really embarrassed myself there especially "Oii Pak Cik!!" when I wanted to order another glass of hot tea. I could feel my head was super heavy.

I vomitted more when I reached home. After calling Esmond and Stanley, I put on KoolFever and went to sleep.

What a night. =.=

And I am glad that I am not having a bad headache now. XD

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