Sunday, March 11, 2007

Window To The World 2007

AIESEC of University Malaya held Window To The World 2007 on 9th March 2007. I finished my work at 5.00 pm

The driver, Shikin, and the VIP, Angel

The passengers behind

The cousins were already there. We were lining up to buy tickets when Bong's brother came to the rescue. After we got our goodie bags, we entered the hall. It was super duper cold!

TBS' AIESECers in Dewan Tunku Canselor

Angel and the cousins

Opening ceremony was a bit delayed. This proves that Malaysians are never punctual. Welcomed the important guests, national atheme, multimedia presentation and speeches.

OCP gave his speech

The performances for the night:

Beautiful pianist

Super young hip-hop dancers

Seniors line dancers
(Yee Yen: Is this the dance that you want to learn? =.=")

Cha-cha dancers


Then, 45 minutes of Lucky Draw and I did not get anything. So do Dipra who claimed himself for being able to get one of the prizes for the night.

The performances for the night (cont'd):

This was the GREATEST and most ENJOYABLE performance for the night.

The belly dancers

Flamenco dancers

Where are..
  1. Malay Traditional Dance?
  2. Indian Traditional Dance?
  3. Western Orchestra?
  4. Chinese Orchestra?
  5. Latin Dance?
I was so looking forward to those performances above. T.T


The fantastic street dancers


Before we went back home, we went to have dinner-supper at Murni.

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