Sunday, March 18, 2007

Blardy Main Campus

I was one of the Student Helpers to work for Taylor's Business School for Facon Education Fair in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre for two days, Saturday and Sunday. It was very tiring day especially yesterday.

There was a different case today. At the end of the day, we distribute the flyers and propectus aggressively. However, this blardy woman, who is one of the staff in the main campus, seeing that we have a trolley, told us to bring along their prospectus and flyers which were blardy many, back to TBS, saying that, they are helping TBS at the other education fair (in Mid Valley) to bring back the flyers and prospectus so, we, in KLCC, should help them in return. Some more she was using "Esmond knows" as an excuse. What the heck?!

It turned out that, TBS had to bring the main campus' flyers and prospectus back to Subang Jaya from both places.

Do they know that the stuff are blardy heavy!

I damn pissed off, man!

Siew Jhoong was damn pissed too. We are going to complain with Esmond.


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