Friday, March 9, 2007

HIV/AIDS Convention 2007

HIV/AIDS Convention 2007 was held at Lecture Theatre 1 from 5.00pm - 7.00pm. There were four interns, who were in charge of this event: Dipra, the emcee for the night, Jong Tae, the so-called DJ, Simone, the lighting-controller, Pretti, one of the speakers, and Eri.

The decoration. Sook Theng arranged the flower pots.

MCP, Ms. Anisha, was giving her speech

One of Standard Charted Bank's managers gave his speech

Pretti was giving her talk. Briefly told the crowd what they had been doing in that 2 months

The crowd on my right

And the crowd behind me. I was shocked to see the girl posing. =.=

The performers were singing 'Over the Rainbow'. The girl on the right is good. At least better than the one on the left. I am still the BEST! Muahaha!

The dancers trying to entertain everyone.

The forum

Then I was too hungry so, I planned to go to Kiosk to buy something to eat when I saw Daryl and Chee Kit outside. I was allowed to get one of the following to fill my stomach.

The food

The drinks

The event was really successful. The secondary school students left after getting the refreshments which were given out by the cousins and me. As usual, pictures time. I will upload them once I've collected them from both Dipra and Sook Theng.

Tired-looking LCP, Daryl

Questions for the night:
1. How much will my daughter get paid in order to perform?
2. Where is the toilet? Is it clean?

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