Sunday, March 4, 2007


Chris picked me up around 6.15pm. I went to have steamboat with Chris, May, Yee Yen, Weng Foo, Ashley and Adrian. Daryl and Kai Yuan could not make it. We had fun and it was common to see people 'attacking' to get chicken wings. Fyi, the chicken wings are very delicious. In the guys' opinions, it was very ridiculous for you to eat vegetables, fried rice and fried meehun there. The question is: Do you pay RM 20 to eat vegetables, fried rice and fried meehun? Go grab something that is expensive.

The beginning of steamboat

The rubbish

Best friends

Nothing to do

The end of steamboat

After steamboat, we went to Adrian's house. Chris did not join us. May and I followed Ken's car. When we almost reached Ken's house, he wanted to let me drive his car but since it is his car, I did not accept his offer. To be honest, my driving skill ain't good for now. First, we played with Adrian's pets: Russell and Buddy. They are adorable! Buddy can high-5, you know? How I wish my dog is as obedient as them. =.="

Later, we started playing mahjong. In the first round, I played with Adrian and Ken while Yee Yen guided me. I won one of the games. Later, Adrian gave May, Ashley and I a lesson/lecture on 'How To Play Mahjong'. We were given test too! XD After the lesson/lecture, we started to play: Adrian guided Ashley, Ken guided May and Yee Yen guided me. Bubu, the photographer/audience. Both Ashley and I won a round.

After Yee Yen, Adrian and Ken played the last round, Adrian's parents and his aunt were back. We started playing Black Jack then. Unlike last night, this time we gambled WITH money. XD His aunt was the dealer. I was so excited 'cos it was my first to gamble! For 20 years, I gambled, finally! Grow up already! Yayy.. Ken left earlier and later, Eng Hoe came and joined us. Well, I lost RM 12 and Adrian's aunt won RM 140! I was really impressed!

I reached home around 1.30am. Adrian fetched Ashley, May, Yee Yen and I home. Thank you!

Last but not least, Happy Chap Goh Mei everyone!

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