Sunday, March 25, 2007

Young Visionaries 2007

AIESECers from TBS went for Young Visionaries 2007 last night in Universiti Malaya. Chung drove us there. Sorry, 'gamble king' does not take picture. XD

The happy kids in the car. Could not wait to reach UM!

The stage

The Agathians kids! They are just so adorable and lovable! >.<

The happy kids II. Can't wait for the show to start!

This picture is nice! XD

Oh ya! The host for Fear Factor was there too! The 3 little kids went to take pictures with him.

The other AIESECers from other LC's were there too.

HELPers + TBSers + UPMers

The first performance.

However, sad to say that he danced halfway and there was a technical error. >.<

James' performance! Bravo!


Trinity Home's performance if not mistaken.

Let me give you a short insight regarding the band above.

Well, to be honest, I should salute them for having the courage to perform on the stage though their performance was a bit the *ehem* They even sell their CDs at the entrance, RM 5 per CD (based on their performance, it is not a question), that I agreed with Shanny that it is even cheaper than the pirated CDs.

The hall was cold and it was colder with a scene like this..

Get what I mean?

So, most of us ended up here!


Other than that, it was a terrible night for me. Sorry to make you all worried. Really really sorry and thanks for everything.

Special thanks to Shanny who accompanied me in the Ladies. Oops!

Special thanks to Siew Jhoong who bought porridge for me.

Special thanks to Sean who passed me Alex's RM 1k coat. I know you were cold.

Special thanks to Alex who *erm* Oh! Correction. Special sorry to Alex for dropping your RM 1k coat on the floor. XD

And last but not least, special thanks to Chung who drove and accompanied me to Carrefour and also who drove all of us to UM. Oh ya! Thanks for letting me to drive your car too! XD

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