Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dipra Ray

Who is that?

Who is Dipra?

Well, Dipra was our intern who came for Development Traineeship for HIV/AIDS project for the last two months.

He went back to New Zealand on Sunday (10 March).

That morning, Daryl, May, Sook Theng, Ke Vin, Simone and Dipra went to Galaxy in SS 15. I did not join them as I was not feeling well (fyi, I vomitted in the middle of the night. To be exact, 5.05am). However, they came over to my place when they were done.

Next, we went to Sunway Pyramid and we had our dinner at Long John Silver together with Geralynn, Alan, and Chun Heng before we left to KLIA.

Dipra and the flower given by Eri

Scene: KLIA

I will let the pictures do the talkings.

Simone and I

Dipra and I


Gave his speech...

...and Goodbye!
We did Hot-To-Go and frankly speaking, I nearly cried while doing so. Anyway, we were chasing after him until he was on the train. XD

Now, a few questions for myself.
  1. How did I know Dipra? Through AIESEC
  2. When did you first meet him? Merlynna's Hi-Tea
  3. How long have you know him? Not more than a month
I think that's all for now. I need to get a sleep. Goodnight!

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