Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

I know it's already been 4 days after Valentine's Day but due to away for my honeymoon, I was not able to blog about the day. Actually, the day was just simple but nice. Darling came over Subang around noon time, which I least expected 'cos I thought he would sleep until 2 or 3. I was blowing my hair when he suddenly opened the door. As I stood up to welcome him, there were roses in his hands. Even though they are not real roses, I am proud to say that they are my first flowers from him and I believe those are his first flowers for someone. Plus, he wrapped the flowers all by himself! So, what did I get him? Handmade bear (quite cacat), a card anddd love letters! I was surprised that I would write love letters!

Before I went over his house, I packed my stuff for the next 3 days' trip. That evening, we decided to have our dinner at The Steak House since he could not get to book a place at Look Out Point. We thought there will not be a lot of people having their dinners there but we were wrong. I must say that I enjoy the dinner. There was a live band and the singers are good.

I requested Chung to bring around Kuala Lumpur before we head back home. We went to The Pavilion since I have not been there. The architectural really amazed me. I wanted to take a few shots but my phone ran out of batteries.

I turned in earlier than Chung as I had a responsibility to wake us up to catch our flight. Suddenly, his neighbours put off fireworks. After quite some time, he came into the room to check if I was alright and it was really sweet of him. It was also then I know that the Fujians were praying to The God of Sky, Tian Gong. No wonder they were putting off fireworks non-stop until 1.00am

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